This Tinkerbell inspired party was designed for Michelle's youngest daughter Courtney. Courtney has had a Tinkerbell birthday party every year since she was two. But, this year, as she turned nine, she still wanted to include Tinkerbell, but wanted something a little more grown up.

along with a custom designed table runner to correlate with the rest of the d├ęcor, Michelle made a colorful cake inspired by the rainbow cake featured on HWTM.

and it wouldn't be complete without covering every detail...

including party favors : raspberry filled dark chocolate candy bars, rainbow colored lollipops and lifesavers, all with customized wrappers to commemorate the event. the girls also enjoyed their own personalized water bottles and hand dipped chocolate covered marshmallows.

this event was featured on HWTM in march...
visit us there to find out more!!

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