this birthday party is berry sweet indeed!!!

growing up in the 80's i'm sure you had or new someone who loved Strawberry Shortcake today Strawberry Shortcake has a new look and this birthday party is dedicated to everything that is berry sweet!!

instead of cupcakes we added these cute toppers to berry delicious muffins. And of course we couldn't do this party with lots of strawberry elements, including the chocolate covered strawberries and handmade paper strawberry which made the perfect table and mantle decoration. Above the gift table was a wonderful display of pictures of the birthday girl!

we created custom labels for the food and the strawberry applesauce

you really can't go wrong with all things strawberry, including a Strawberry Cake and Strawberry Crush

the favors:
all things strawberry : bubbles, handmade coloring book with colored pencils, strawberry gum, strawberry sunglasses, strawberry lip gloss, and m&m's

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  1. Hi,
    Lovely pictures,
    And I like strawberry cake and chocolate cake,

    custom facebook fan page

  2. Wonderfull party!

    Could you please tell me where I to find a recipy for the white cream that covers the beautifull brithday cake?...

    Thank you so much! =)